Retire to Spain from the UK easily

Residential mobile home parks makes retiring to Spain from the UK very easy. The parks are nothing like camp sites that also allow mobile homes. Residential parks have resident only facilities and the services they offer are very different. The real important difference though is that on a residential park you are joining a community of like minded people.

Retirement parks in Spain offer something very different. Park La Posada for example takes care of all the paperwork, registers you with the local doctors and the town hall. This is a free service so that you can retire to Spain easily and very quickly. It is called the standard “Spanish Residents Package” and yes it is a free service.

In Spain the majority of parks are also camp sites situated all along the coast. Camping being their main business. Away from the coast you will find the dedicated residential parks.

These are specialist parks dedicated to only looking after the residents. They do not offer camping facilities whatsoever. Sub letting of homes is also not allowed in keeping with the residential aspect. Family and friends however are always welcome.

Retirement parks.

Here are the very basic facts that apply to all genuine residential retirement parks. First there is no subletting allowed. This is important because the last thing any resident wants is different holiday makers living next door on holiday every two weeks.

Two residential only parks stand out because they offer two very different residential lifestyles. This is all down to the design of each park. Park La Posada is built around the community within the park itself and Corrales Park is built around the community outside the park. One lifestyle very British and one lifestyle very Spanish. Both parks are of course in real Spain.

Park La Posada.

In the village of Alameda near Malaga on the Costa del Sol. An established dedicated residential retirement park for over 14 years. A 5* park for only 354€ a month.

Community spirit sums up the park perfectly thanks to the social facilities that exist on the park such as the community centre and bar as well as the 4 lane outdoor bowls green. The residents enjoy 200 sqr mtr plots and of course with 150 homes on the park a great social life is guaranteed with new friends and neighbours.

Park La Posada is the perfect park for you if you like the idea that everything is taken care of and you have the support of both the park and the community. “Where can I find this?” is a common question and the office or residents who have been there a while will always provide the answer.

The park has resale mobile homes as well as plots for new mobile homes. They also have a Park Lodge showground.

Corrales Park.

The latest park to go residential is Corrales Park in the village of Los Corrales in between the towns of Campillos and Osuna in Andalucia. A countryside park for only 300€ a month. It is like living in the lake district with much better weather.

Set in wonderful countryside this park is known as being within the Spanish lake district. Part of the complex owned by the Spanish singer Ana Reverte it is as Spanish as you can get.

The complex has a small rural hotel with a wonderful bar and restaurant. It also has stables next door and residents can watch the horses parading in the evenings.

Corrales Park is the park for you if you love everything Spanish.

The park is part of a complex owned by a famous Flamenco singer Ana Reverte and the hotel, bar and restaurant is as Spanish as they come.

Residents mingle with locals and Spanglish takes over. It is 100% based on the Spanish way of life. It will also be a small park with 50 homes and each home will have wall to wall views.

Residents already on the park love the Spanish way of life so much they have become part of the community. That means they get the same service in bars and restaurants and pay the same prices.

Corrales Park also has plots ready for both single homes up to 42 x 14 and double homes 42 x 20. Custom built lodges are perfect for this park. They are the only park to allow timber lodges as well.

Visit the parks.

Costa Difference Ltd represent both parks and we offer a service that is perfect for being able to take a look at any of the parks. They offer three different ways to visit the parks with the main focus on Park La Posada.

You can either simply come on your own as part of a holiday, come on a dedicated 4 day 3 night visit staying at the Saydo Hotel or come for a longer visit staying in Antequera.

A visit to Park Corrales can also be added to a standard 4-day 3-night dedicated Park La Posada visit for only £25 in total (additional mileage supplement) which covers up to four people. Let us know when booking a visit please.

Residents look after you rather than sales staff. That means the person looking after you can answer all your questions with authority as they have been through the retire to Spain experience already.

It is only once you get home do we Costa Difference get involved to help you should you decide that Spain and one of the residential mobile home parks in particular is for you.

Helping people come to Spain to see one of the genuine residential retirement parks is only part of what we do. We also help with doing the homework. Every day we are answering questions on life in Spain. Every month we send out a light hearted information sheet to everyone who downloads a brochure so they are getting up to date information.


At this stage our service is all about people. The mobile and park homes that can go onto the parks come at a later stage once you know where you want to live.

If someone comes on a visit and decides that Spain is not for them then our service has been a success. If after a visit a person cannot wait to come back to Spain to live then we are here to make it happen.

That also includes custom built homes designed around your chosen plot. We have our own design team working with Alhambra homes in Alicante. There are also show homes for sale on Park La Posada.

The best selling park lodge home built in Spain is the Windsor which is a 39 x 13.5 two bedroom, two bathroom park home costing only £60,900

"Mobile Spanish Villa" is what one person described The Windsor Park Lodge show home as.

“Mobile Spanish Villa”. That is how one client described the Windsor Park Lodge show home after seeing it for the first time on Paradise Park near Alicante.His description came as he was comparing it to a mobile home which of course it is not. We loved his description so much we asked Moira our voice over artist to do a description for the Windsor Park Lodge video.This is the result and you will need to turn the audio on.The home costs 67155 Euros and we have uploaded a widget on the website to convert that amount into GBP in real time. three-night visits to see the factory and of course the show home costs £79 per person. built homes can be ordered by anyone and delivered all over Spain. Ideal for both mobile home parks or to go onto your own land. Eduardo our project manager is on hand to give advice on all aspects.

Posted by Costa Difference on Saturday, 26 May 2018


Built in the Alhambra factory in Alicante and designed by Costa Difference. The 2019 Windsor model has an upgraded family bathroom that is perfect for anyone who does not like taking showers in a cramped space. It also has a new kitchen design in grey and white.  The price of the show home is also very special.

With Alhambra homes you can also design your very own park home with the help of Costa Difference Ltd. On Park La Posada there are a few homes that have been designed by the owners. Their homes will always be unique.

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